Inspired by light and the logistical rhythm of space.

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Alexander Design

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Known for creating a diverse canvas of textural palettes within her designs, Vanessa Alexander artfully brings to life interiors meant to be wholly felt. Her use of soft, warm hues and neutral tones provide a soothing cocoon for layers of tactile interest and a plethora of materiality to shine through.   

Having worked with Vanessa for many years—on her website and branding evolution— we’ve developed a collaborative relationship and a creative language that allows for the natural progression of the Alexander Design aesthetic to fluidly grow. As we continue to expand our design dialogue, we’ve worked on this latest development of the brand. Our goal was to speak to both the cohesion across and the dichotomy within Vanessa’s work, exploring both the dark and the light. 

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The Beaux Arts have been our creative agency for 7 years, and have worked to evolve and develop our brand identity as the company has grown. They are a consistently strong partner, always bringing fresh concepts to the table while listening carefully to our ideas and requirements. Not only are they good at what they do, they also approach their work with kindness, consideration and a desire to collaborate. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. 

Vanessa Alexander | Founder 
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