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Alexander Design

Inspired by light (both natural and curated), the logistical rhythm of space, and a practical lifestyle, Alexander Design's work tells a story beginning at the front door, and unfolding throughout the home.

Project at a glance


  • Deliverables

    Website Design & Build,
    Proposal Documents,
    Packaging & Signage

"The Beaux Arts team have been phenomenal to work with. They bring great style and expertise to the process and allowed me to express my identity and brand vision through the lens of their knowledge and aesthetic. I would recommend them highly to anyone!"

Project description

Vanessa Alexander came to us in 2016 looking to take her branding and website up to a new level. The brief was a very minimal website which still had that special something to elevate it beyond a standard site design. We were tasked to create something with an edge that would also feel timeless and appropriate to her own design style. Since completing the 2016 project, we have since created an updated website in 2020, along with creating marketing collateral, signage, client facing documents and packaging.

Website Design
Brand Collateral